He Ate Meat for 1 Year & THIS HAPPENED! (Podcast Episode #1) 🥩

Meet Shawn, an extraordinary individual who has redefined the boundaries of personal transformation. After embarking on the Carnivore Diet for a little over a year, he has lost a staggering 243 lbs, starting from 457lbs. But his journey was about more than physical weight loss. Shawn overcame severe, life-threatening depression, demonstrating the potential power of … Read more

1st Blog- Rough Outline for Carnivore Documentary

I. Introduction    A. Engaging visuals showcasing the carnivore diet’s large movement and its broad adoption for diverse health conditions    B. Overview of the carnivore diet, explaining its principles and basic concepts using viusuals and examples (football field example) II. Carnivore Diet Overview    A. Detailed exploration of the carnivore diet’s core principles and guidelines    B. Introduction … Read more