1st Blog- Rough Outline for Carnivore Documentary

I. Introduction

   A. Engaging visuals showcasing the carnivore diet’s large movement and its broad adoption for diverse health conditions

   B. Overview of the carnivore diet, explaining its principles and basic concepts using viusuals and examples (football field example)

II. Carnivore Diet Overview

   A. Detailed exploration of the carnivore diet’s core principles and guidelines

   B. Introduction to the primary food sources, emphasizing the exclusion of carbohydrates and plant-based foods

   C. Explanation of the potential benefits and claimed therapeutic effects of the diet

III. Meeting the Participants

   A. Introduction to real individuals committed to the carnivore diet for an entire year

   B. Insightful interviews with participants discussing their motivations, challenges, and early experiences

IV. Six-Month Progress Updates

   A. Compelling updates from participants at the halfway mark of their carnivore diet journey

   B. Personal testimonials showcasing their progress, improvements in health, and quality of life

V. The Final Stretch: One Year Update

   A. Emotional and inspiring updates from participants at the end of their one-year carnivore diet journey

   B. Interviews highlighting their remarkable transformations, both physically and mentally

VI. Expert Insights and Medical Perspectives

   A. Expert doctors and nutritionists provide commentary throughout the documentary

   B. Insights on the science behind the carnivore diet, its potential benefits, and potential concerns

   C. Addressing common questions and dispelling myths associated with the diet

VII. Conclusion

   A. Reflecting on the extraordinary journeys and achievements of the participants

   B. Encouragement for viewers to consider the potential of the carnivore diet for their own health goals

   C. Final thoughts from experts, participants, and medical professionals on the transformative power of dietary choices

16 thoughts on “1st Blog- Rough Outline for Carnivore Documentary”

  1. Love it!
    Well thought out and very comprehensive.
    A one year commitment is way more doable as a participant in the film.
    Those of us who are selected as couples going through this journey together can also highlight changes in their relationship.
    11 days in and I can already see key changes in our 22 year relationship, because we have enabled poor eating habits all along and now that has shifted from “comfortable “ to “wtf are we doing?!?”. All other day to day habits begin to shift once you change the way you eat.
    Btw, I am a Family/Systems Psychotherapist and this process fascinates me both personally and professionally. I am a bit shell shocked by my own behavior from life long sugar addict to full out Carnivore. Pleased….but dazed.

  2. Had a suggestion to have funding levels to boost not only engagement but also higher donations to enable you to reach your goal quicker. Funding levels for such a project could be things such as: $500 Executive Producer, $300 Producer, $150 Co – Producer, etc., or advanced copies for $50 donation.

    I ran my own label through Universal Music Group but before landing the deal this is how I sometimes funded promotional events.

  3. Hi Kerry and Family!
    Just yesterday I applied for your documentary so I’m very excited to see how you are thriving with this 😉
    There’s only one “little” thing I’d like to contribute to your already amazing outline: the importance of ethical farming.
    If this is the optimal way of living then we have to take responsibility for the well-being of our animal friends to make it even possible to thrive alongside them.
    Maybe this could be also a good starting point for a 2nd part of your documentation or a series 🙂
    I’m looking forward to all the progresses!
    Best regards!

    • Yes, I certainly agree. However more emphasis on how happy grazing cows and farm animals positively contribute to maintaining topsoil with their manure instead of this toxic globalist agenda to demonize farmers and erraticate beef. The truth agenda could be touched on without falling into the rabbit hole. Netherlands farmers are actively fighting to keep farming as globalists seek to demoralise and take there land and farms away. Not only is the carnivore diet the most optimum human diet it’s seriously under attack by those actively seeking to depopulate the world and its farm animals in favour of lab fake meat. No thanks we must preserve our natural farming Traditions and God given carnivore meat.

  4. Hi Kerry! Why not name the movie “The Original diet”? Since this is the diet that got us through for thousands of years!

  5. Looks inspiring. Great Outline of important topics and balance of science, information and real life experience/people.
    Wow 80 willing participants already.
    I have not submitted a video yet, due to having a really old phone, with no storage to all video! Lol
    Getting new phone soon and plan to send a introduction video in. I believe my story may be one that benefits your efforts and hopefully would bring hope to others who struggle with health challenges.
    All the Best to you and your family. Love your videos. Will support your effort!

  6. Hi Kerry,
    Tried submitting my video through your form and it would not take it despite it being an MP4, I tried 3 different resolutions and no luck so I emailed you my info with a google docs link to my video. I am just getting my podcast studio setup so I don’t have a great camera as of yet and the editing program I used wasn’t the best but I wanted to get it to you. Please check your email.

    I am 17 days into my Carnivore lifestyle and have lost 23lbs and 12 1/2″! So excited to see the numbers decreasing but I have a long ways to go to get my body and my health back! I used to be a fitness instructor with 13% body fat so I am hoping I can get closer to that in about a year and hopefully won’t have the mobility issues I have right now! You are an inspiration and give me hope that could be obtainable one day! God bless you and your family for doing this!

  7. Recent new supporter of your channel on YT, and I love it and your heart for this cause.

    I have tried and tried to get my 2 min video to upload and it will not work! I would love to participate and think that I have a compelling story that may be a little different. If you can email me any hints/tricks to help me with uploading it, I would appreciate it so much! I keep getting a failed to write to disk or something like that. It’s an MP4 file.

    Thank you!

  8. Kerry your the best testimony for carnivore diet so sure hope your including yourself and family in this doco? This movie planning outline seems to flow and I can imagine it working well. I listen to your channel most days and feel I’m still playing catch up regards this movie aspect and so I’m guessing their are others too who will continue to filter in. This movie is so necessary and our world can only benefit with the efforts to spread the word of many testimonies along with the sound advise of several doctors and studies but most if all just the facts, logic and our personal evidence when those of us have tried to live eating this way. I would encourage this initiative in because a world whereby those seeking health could know about carnivore and find hope and results is a win win for everyone 😀 imagine a nourished world where anxiety and irrational fears and depression and diabetes and other debilitating degenerative diseases were to just disappear?? Imagine that?

  9. I agree that I want my animals ethically raised. I even buy my beef from a friend who keeps a small herd and sells locally. I just want to say that I hope that if you are going to vilify other animal growers, that you first do some research. There are some people out there, who have an agenda, who lump all animal farmers into “factory farms” and tell a whole lot of stories about how they’re cared for. I was thinking, if I were to say I prefer to buy from a local farmer (always a good idea imo) I know how they’re raised, but if I buy from a supermarket I don’t know for sure. They could have been raised ethically but you never know. I live in Oklahoma and i see cattle out grazing on lots and lots of acres all the time. I’ve heard of factory farms but I’ve never seen anything like what I’ve heard. I recommend checking out tdf honest farming on fb for the farmers’ side of the story. Thanks for doing what you do and sharing your zeal with others. Much love to you and your family.

  10. I applaud what you are doing and will follow your results.
    I’m 67 and started carnivore 61 days ago and the results/ health benefits have convinced me that what you and other carnivore practitioners are correct.
    Keep up the good work sir.

  11. Kerry,

    Thank you for championing this carnivore diet documentary. This way of eating continues to change so many lives on a daily basis. I will throw my hat in the ring with another title for the documentary!

    “Against the Grain”

    Has a few play on words:
    – Going against the status quo and what is “normal” in today’s society
    – Going against consumption of grains/carbohydrates
    – Cutting meat against the grain

    Take care!


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