Challenging Dr. Chaffee’s Carnivore Diet!

Join us for a captivating live stream as we challenge the conventional wisdom on nutrition, going head to head with Dr. Chaffee, a renowned proponent of the carnivore diet.

In this interactive session, we will explore the most contentious aspects of the carnivore diet and its health implications. You can expect us to discuss topics like nutrient diversity, long-term health effects, and the environmental impact of such a diet. Dr. Chaffee will be responding to the toughest questions, dissecting the most common criticisms, and presenting the scientific evidence behind this controversial dietary lifestyle. We invite you to join the conversation and participate in the live chat, where your questions and thoughts are welcome. This is an incredible opportunity to get your queries answered directly by an expert.

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2 thoughts on “Challenging Dr. Chaffee’s Carnivore Diet!”

  1. I would love to share my story with you and it doesn’t need to be in the movie. Dr. Ken Berry started it all as I’m in the Ph.D. community. I was so embarrassed that I left because I could not break my 2-liter addiction to Diet Pepsi. I found you when you shared your story on 5 Minute Body. I saw my life in yours. I decided I wanted a healthy life before I developed any more health issues. Right now I can fill a full page and my newest blood work was not good. I’m 71 and I want to go out dancing soon. I have been off the Diet Pepsi for 5 days. I have only added Cream Cheese to help my sugar addiction but other than that, it’s meat, bacon, and eggs with ghee butter and Himalayan Salt. I did order Celtic from Etsy. And the beautiful part is my great-grandson was on the 17th, the day I quit all sugar and that poisons Diet Pepsi. I would love to share my story with you but I have no idea how to do that. You are an inspiration Kerry and I am beyond happy for you! I wish I could add to your go fund but hopefully next month! My bills are going up but my social securith isn’t! God Bless


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