76 Year “Old Guy Carnivore” LIVE QA

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1 thought on “76 Year “Old Guy Carnivore” LIVE QA”

  1. So I have been struggling with weight most of my life on January 1st I weighed 327lbs, and I finally had enough. First thing I did was I eliminated alcohol. In May I had a doctor’s appointment and I was at that point 301lbs and my blood sugar was 7.2.
    At the end of July I watched your video of 60 days on the carnivore diet and thought this guy is a nut however he unlike other people pushing other diets is not trying to sell me anything so I continued to watch more of your video’s and the links to Dr. Ken Berry. I started the carnivore diet on August 6th it was hard at first as some of the issues I had I never seen in the video’s like the first 2 nights after I started I couldn’t get any sleep as it felt like I was going through sugar withdrawals and of course dierea that seemed to last for the first 3 weeks. Yesterday Oct 12th marked my 66th day of being on the carnivore diet and was my follow up appointment with my doctor. I weighted in at 253lbs and my blood sugar is now 5.5. I am feeling better and the arthritis in my hips and knees don’t bother me anymore so it is working great for me.


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