Cancer Breakthrough: How Metabolic Therapy is Changing Lives

Explore the potential of metabolic therapy in revolutionizing cancer treatment in our insightful roundtable discussion. Join us as we explore the personal journeys of individuals who have undergone remarkable transformations in their struggles with cancer. With insights from the esteemed expert, Professor Thomas Seyfried, this video reveals the science behind metabolic therapy and its growing role in the battle against cancer.


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1 thought on “Cancer Breakthrough: How Metabolic Therapy is Changing Lives”

  1. Hi Kerry.
    First of all I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your carnivore videos. I stumbled upon them whilst looking for carnivore success stories in order to kick start me off to the right path.
    I’m no stranger to keto, which I have been doing on and off since it was the Atkins diet. That worked wonderfully well in getting rid of my pregnancy fat in my late 30’s. Also, whenever I went over 10st, I would jump back in and have the weight off in a couple of weeks.
    Then menopause hit about 3 years ago. Menopause can eat keto for breakfast lunch and dinner and not be remotely phased by it. I went from 10st to 11st within 3 months of my final period. I gradually went up to just touching 14st about 8 months ago.
    I was always out of breath.
    I developed plantar fasciitis.
    I couldn’t bend down to tie my laces without my belly forcing my organs into my chest.
    I couldn’t lift one leg up to put my sock on.
    I used to drive to work with my coffee cup between my thighs for easy access, but after a while, my thighs were so fat that they kept forcing the cup off the edge of my seat.
    I couldn’t reach around my gargantuan arse cheek to wipe my own bottom!
    I was depressed, spending any time that I was not in work, in my bed.
    I went back on strict keto and began exercising. I had great results. I removed 2st in 3 months. Then, slowly over another 3 months, I lost another 1/2lb.
    I stopped exercising. Went on to less strict keto and have plateaued for the last 2 months. I became depressed again and was spending all my time in my room. I needed to do something.
    I binge watched carnivore videos and found yours to be incredibly inspirational.
    Then a bombshell hit our family.
    My husband has had a long list of health issues since the very day he was born. The biggest of them being contracting HepC about 15yrs ago.
    He went through a year long course of chemo (and didn’t take a day off work the whole time) only to find that he was not cured. The HepC had damaged his liver to almost complete cirrhosis.
    5ys ago he had chemo with interferon.
    This cured the HepC but left him with debilitating psoriasis on his hands and feet. Due to a twice a day regime of varying creams, he now has this almost under control.
    6 months ago they found a tumour on his liver. They went at it with heat abrasion but couldn’t get it all because a 1 cm piece was too close to the artery that supplies the liver.
    They monitored it and we found that it had grown to 3 cm. The heat abrasion was out of the question but they did offer him an operation to remove a large part of his liver… or a liver transplant. Our local hospital did not think they could do either so he was referred to London. He had more tests and scans and they were sent to the London specialists.
    Last Thursday he went back Bristol to find out which form of treatment they would be giving him…
    None. The cancer was on the artery and they needed the artery to do a transplant.
    The bottom fell out of our world.
    This was an outcome that neither of us had contemplated!
    There were many tears and a reluctant acceptance that he would have to have regular chemo to try to extend his life as long as possible.
    I didn’t think that a longer life with chemo would be better than shorter life without it. I’ve always agreed the chemo and radiation are more damaging than helpful. It’s not what I would chose for myself but it wasn’t me and what other option did we have?
    I went onto YouTube and found, on your channel, the video where you talked about a friend who had cancer and was improving because of the carnivore diet.
    It took some convincing to get my husband to agree, but he relented and said yes. He would do it. I told him that I would do it too. It wasn’t fair for him to have to do it alone. I would even do the water fast with him when he was going for chemo.
    We do not have the option of hypothermia treatment in the UK.
    My question to you is, would a hot water bottle, applied to the area, be of any use?
    We have only been carnivore for 3 days.
    I’ve broken my plateau by 1lb and my husband has lost 4lbs.
    I always believed it would work but it was difficult to do in a house of omnivores.
    To finish, I want to reiterate how grateful I am for you sharing your journey with the world. I will, if you want, keep you up to date on our progress. Much love from across the pond ♥️
    Ziggy and Steve (The Hobbits 😁)


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