Carnivore, Cancer & Metabolic Therapy MASTER CLASS with Dr. Hampton

Join Kerry and Jeff as we explore a fascinating conversation with Dr. Hampton about the Carnivore Diet and its effects on health, cancer, and wellness. This unique episode goes beyond just discussing diet; it’s a journey through healing, appreciation, and strength. PLEASE support our cause –


What We’ll Cover:

1. The Carnivore Diet & its impact on cancer/treatment
3. Interactive Q&A: Do you have questions? Dr. Hampton and we are here to answer them live!

Special Segments: –
Thanksgiving Reflections: Sharing our stories of gratitude 🌟

About Dr. Hampton:
Dr. Hampton, a respected expert in nutrition and wellness, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our conversation. His insights into diet and health have changed many lives. See you in the livestream!


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  1. I need to know if you can get kidney stones. An I have factor 5 laden, which makes me take blood thinners. Would this effect my meds? I need to lose 50lbs.


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