BiPolar, Depression, Down 170lbs & Carnivore- Amazing Reversal!

Cameron has battled Bipolar disorder and depression, and has also achieved incredible weight loss through the Carnivore diet. Listen to his inspiring story!

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1 thought on “BiPolar, Depression, Down 170lbs & Carnivore- Amazing Reversal!”

  1. Hey Kerry last year in 2022 I was on vacation the month of December and with the New Year approaching was once again making plans to lose weight. I have struggled with my weight my whole life. I was fat a a kid, got muscular during high school, but then I had a hard time ever since keeping it off unless I hit the gym 4 days a week.

    I got married to my wife Anita in 1985, had 4 children, 3 girls and one boy. Then continued building our life together.

    My wife and I have both struggled keeping weight off and a year and a half ago, I had been watching hours of videos about going vegan. Dr. John McDougal and ChefAJ mostly, so last year 2022 I bought some books and we started our journey with vegan. We both began loosing weight. My wife has lost around 50 lbs and I dropped 20lbs. I really liked eating big salads and many dishes we created with veggies.

    My wife has stuck to vegan to date and has not had any meat, however I started cheating and quickly gained back the 20lbs I lost and my weight shot up to 270.

    We have both tried all the diets over the years and I was committed to get back on track this year. I was off the month of December again in 2023 and was getting ready to get back vegan after New Year. However, I began watching you tube again about dieting and found some videos on carnivore.

    So after watching about 60 hours of Dr. Ken Barry, Dr. Chaffee, the Steak and Butter Gal and your channel I saw the science from the docs, and the results of many including yourself and since I really love meat decided to start carnivore. After going down the rabbit hole and seeing the interview with the lady rancher in Canada, who ate nothing but meat her whole life, I decided to start.

    My wife was not happy though as she wanted me to continue vegan. My kids all think I am killing myself, and I told them all they need to watch all the docs including the heart surgeon who is trying to keep folks off his operating table.

    On December 19, my son’s birthday we always go to Fogo de Chao, a Brazilian steakhouse near us in Rosemont IL for lunch. Eating meat again was joyful for me and I realized how much I missed it. For Christmas I made a rib roast and we all ate that. It was unreal how good meat tasted.

    So on December 26, 2023 I decided to began carnivore. By day three my REM sleep doubled and I am already feeling much different. I have only eaten meat, eggs, salt, and a little cheese since then.

    I want to share my journey like you and others on you tube and was wondering if you could give me some info on how to get started. I never did any podcasts or videos on any channel so I don’t really know what i need to get started. Your video’s look awesome and I would like to save time getting started. Can you recommend podcast equipment to buy as I want my podcasts to look professional. Do you use lighting, software etc.

    You can reach me via email or give me a call. Maybe I might even drive up to Montello and meet you. My co worker has a few cottages on the lake by you.

    Thanks Kerry for all you are doing for the carnivore community.

    Have a Blessed Day!!



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