24 HOUR YouTube Live Stream Fundraising Event September 16th, 2023

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🥩 Join Kerry from @HomesteadHow, LIVE for a 24-Hour Fundraising Event on September 16th, 8 AM EDT! LINK: https://www.youtube.com/live/0mzmwmvyE4s?feature=share | We’re raising the STEAKS to fund a groundbreaking Carnivore Diet Documentary. Many of your favorite YouTube Carnivores will have special sessions, and some of your favorite Carnivore Doctors, too! Keep an eye out for the schedule! Support the cause: https://donate.carnivoredietmovie.com and find out more at carnvoredietmovie.com. Be there, or be herbivore! 🍖  Co-Hosts: Shawn from @IntentionalCarnivore | Adam from @CarnivoreToday | Alia from @AliaWells955  | #CarnivoreDiet

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🥩 Dive into a 24-Hr Live Fundraiser with Kerry from @HomesteadHow on Sept 16, 8AM EDT! LINK: https://www.youtube.com/live/0mzmwmvyE4s?si=fwbm32S5lgcQTb0u | Catch top Youtube Carnivores & Carnivore Doctors! Help the cause: https://donate.carnivoredietmovie.com | Details at www.carnvoredietmovie.com 🍖 #CarnivoreDiet

Your 4 Co-Hosts

Kerry Mann – HomesteadHow YouTube Link

Adam Lacy – Carnivore Today YouTube Link

Alia Wells – Alia Wells YouTube Link

Shawn White – Intentional Carnivore YouTube Link

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